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Looking to add new baked good merchandise to your store? Alongside our sucessfull storefront, we are also a premier supplier in restaurants and café’s all over Toronto


Open up a whole new product category with our decadent pastries for your restaurant or cafe. Our team works with your current setup to integrate our products into your supply chain. A new product release has never been so simple!


We work with you to layout a clear delivery schedule and keep you up to date on our latest creations. New flavors and ideas are always coming down the pipe!

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Catering and custom orders are still a big part of Staij and Co’s business. She can match any request for weddings and special occasions, and loves to let her creativity shine.
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"I've been ordering my cakes from Staij & Co for years now. Although the cafe is new, Anastasia is definitely not new to her craft. Cakes are always, fresh, delicious and absolutely stunning. Can't recommend her enough."
Yelp Reviewer

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